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Shipping a container to Middle East is a long journey across the high seas. To the uninitiated, this seems like a dangerous mission. Will the container ship survive a fierce Atlantic storm? What about piracy and terrorism? Unfortunately, sensationalistic films and other media often exploit our fears and make it seem like mishaps at sea are an everyday occurrence. They are not. In fact, they are statistically irrelevant.

Shipping a container to Middle East is as safe as shipping a container anywhere else. In fact, you are more likely to die in a plane crash enroute to the Middle East as you are to lose your personal goods to pirates, have them destroyed by terrorists or sink to the bottom of the sea in an Atlantic storm. Over 15 million containers are shipped every year. Of those, almost none suffer any kind of mishap at all, much less are lost entirely.

What about when your container to Middle East reaches port? Will it be safe there? The answer is, "Yes," it will be perfectly safe. Middle Eastern ports are among the most modern shipping facilities in the world and all ports, no matter where they are operate in an identical manner. The international container shipping industry is completely standardized. Your single 20 foot container of household goods to a Middle Eastern port will be processed and delivered in exactly the same way that 5000 containers aboard a single giant container vessel bound for New York will be processed and delivered.

Sometimes called a "box number," the "Unit Number" of your container is the way that your container to Middle East will be kept track of throughout its voyage. Your container freight company, the ship's captain and the port authorities in the Middle East will all have this Unit Number in their possession. With this single number, they know all they need to know to ensure that your container will go where it is supposed to go.

This Unit Number is also linked to your Shipping Order (S/O). The S/O contains all the vital information about you and your container to Middle East. It will contain an itemized list of your personal goods, all of your contact details and those of your container freight company. The same officials who have your Unit Number will also have a copy of your S/O. Between the Unit Number of your container and the Shipping Order that contains all the information about the contents of the unit, it is virtually impossible for confusion to arise.

If complications do arise, they will probably arise when your container to Middle East arrives at the port and is released into your possession. If you are not familiar with the customs and the country, you may have trouble arranging transport and delivery of the contents of your container. For this reason, it may be a good idea to make arrangements with your container freight company to handle the delivery of your personal goods to your home.

In the unlikely event that something does happen to your container to Middle East, you will have an insurance policy to cover your losses. However, the standard policy may not be adequate to cover you. Make sure you understand exactly what is covered, for how much it is covered and under what circumstances you will or will not be compensated for your loss. If you need to get extra insurance coverage for your container to Middle East, just to be on the safe side.

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